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Thermal Imaging

In the current environment, early warning of health risks is critical.

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Thermal body temperature cameras

A Body Temperature Measurement Camera [BTMC] system is the ideal method for companies to conduct preliminary screening safely, effectively and efficiently.  The screening is used to assist in identifying those exhibiting elevated skin temperature, potentially indicating the presence of a virus.  While human adult normal temperature should be around 36°C, the skin temperature of those with infection can be elevated to around 37.5~39°C or more. 

The BTMC system can analyse, visualise and display skin temperature from a safe distance and instantly alarm in the event of detecting elevated temperature.  This then allows for secondary action to be taken in a timely fashion.

This Body Temperature Measurement Camera is the industry's latest thermal camera, which is capable of highly accurate body temperature measurement ±0.3°C when combined with the supplied Blackbody Sensor.



  • Scan pedestrian traffic flows without interruption.
  • It can measure human body surface temperature with no contact and identify elevated body temperature from a safe distance.
  • Non-contact measurement accuracy of ±0.3°C when used with a Blackbody Sensor.
  • Utilises a combination of facial detection and thermal temperature measurement to target and only measure facial skin temperature. The system does not alarm with other hot objects such as coffee cups etc.
  • Fast deployment as a portable/mobile solution.
  • It provides visual and audible alerts allowing for prompt secondary action.
  • Thermal and normal 1080p optical video displayed
  • All video and results are recorded.
  • Multiple video output enables multiple displays if required.
  • It provides fast, safe & effective real-time analysis
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