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Pre-set times are scheduled for your team member to check-in and confirm they are OK - either during or at the safe completion of their task or journey. If they do not check-in as planned, an overdue alert sequence is activated. These alerts are sent direct from our server - not the user's phone, meaning an alert is raised and sent even if the staff member is unable to, the device is out of coverage, or has a flat battery.


At any point during a task or journey your lone worker can activate an alerting sequence by triggering a duress, silent or panic alert through the app. This will trigger the monitoring team’s emergency notification sequence*.

In high risk situations we recommend the addition of a Bluetooth duress button. This also doubles as a Mandown device to raise a panic alert independent of the users phone.

*Please note: Cellular coverage is required to activate an alert via the app, altertatively satellite enabled devices may be used.